Ten Words

For the ten words brief I decided to change up my idea as i didn’t think I was being lateral enough although I thought my outcome would look nice. I decided to brainstorm and realised I find it hard keeping ideas in my head and the whole idea was ‘capture ideas’ I thought for me personally I capture an idea with a camera or my phone or write it down in my note book before it disappears from my head. So i decided to think more into this as this was my theme I talked about in my first post on this brief, I looked at artists such as Andy Goldsworthy for inspiration as he creates his art with a lot of ephemeral images like sand, leaves, etc. And I thought it would be a great idea to create the line ‘capture good ideas’ in typography made of ephemeral objects. I made a list of as many objects as i could think of even random things like pizza and today I photographed some leaves and ice spelling out two of my words it was pretty ironic as the wind kept blowing the leaves away and the ice kept melting as I was positioning and photographing it. Here is what I captured.



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