Editorial Layout

I looked at Creative Review and Frame magazine last week and picked out layouts that I thought looked effective and inspiring. Frame is one of my favourite magazines as I love the layout and continuity of each page, here are some photocopies of spreads I picked out to discuss.

The top is my favourite as even though there is a lot of information on the page it still looks visually appealing, the three column layout on the right I love as they have raised the right and left column and left the centre column at the bottom of the page leaving space to squeeze a small heading in. This page to me is kind of like a ‘what your layout could of been’ for my thinking types brief as my feedback from UCLan was: there isn’t enough body text on the page and I played it very safe. So I was thinking how perfect this layout would of complimented my front cover, which was one thing the external examiner liked about my project.

The second spread shows how you can place text on a page without relying on columns as the text is placed in random places labelling things on the background image but also looking very clean cut and perfectly orientated.

The last image shows two pages with two different columns the first page in thirds but the heading is aligned dead centre and not confined into the three column grid which I thought looked really nice. I don’t really like the right hand page because i don’t like the size of the gutters between the text.


These scans are of Computer Arts Magazine the first is a single page and the body text is split into two columns but aligned in the centre of the page, I also like how the text is separated with a thin line as it makes it easier to read and doesn’t seem more like a task. I love how the small illustration and the main heading is placed in the centre as well as it makes the whole page flow. The colour palette is also really effective the red boxes placed on the page to separate the heading from the text and the image give the whole design that extra something. The second image is a spread that is very asymmetric and uses a four column grid for the body text although the pictures and text boxes near the top are not within the same grid I don’t know if i like that personally maybe the pictures so they are clearer but not the text at the top of the left page.



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