Ten Words Brief

Today we were given our Ten Words brief, in which we have to create a design that will feature in a booklet and possible exhibition. We have to choose from a list of ten words and create a design that best describes the word, we have to think laterally rather that literally and create an image that is out of the box but is still clear to it’s definition. Today when we received the briefing we decided not to beat around the bush and just choose the word we each wanted without argument and the word I chose was ‘capture.’

Capture good ideas: Take photos on your phone. Record things that amaze you. Share them on social media. Listen carefully to other peoples idea’s. Write them down. Make them happen.

At first I came up with an idea brain-storming similar to these images but I then realised I was being too literal and the idea was already overused.

7b9c153b598dd93cdf33b098fbd01e82 8a190225ee0faea855ce6eb40fdab2b1 9c9a8666ebf151fb2bf0a6534ce6442b

I then began looking at images captured in the moment like these, maybe my whole concept could revolve around the idea of capturing the moment before the moment is gone.

8dc4d0ac4a6789925558ad1deb69a795 605ea739c24dd3b5c3d4a8e17aaf2fed a0ea70137b6f0dae447ea2c4dc2b9632 faee8fae0ce2e9a6fddda3573f621d6f

I also found this quote ‘we are all moving so fast and rarely take the time to stop and appreciate the world around us.’ I was thinking maybe have this be my small personal narration on the verso and have my final photograph on the recto as we have to create a double-page spread, one page has to be the full design and the other the small narration. Or if the narration has to be more to the point I could just overlay the quote over my image but would that take away the aesthetics of the photograph.

I think I’m going to find something ephemeral to photograph like a dandelion, tree, or a cloud (something that is always changing) with a Polaroid camera then when the object has died, changed or moved I will then hope the printed photograph like the one of the sea above but showing the two contrasted images. Capture something before its gone.


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