West world

The movie west world written by Michael Crichton (who is also the writer of Jurassic park) is an interesting tale about an amusement park set in the near future where vacationers could live out their fantasies in three completely realistic worlds. The three worlds are West world, Medieval world and Roman world. Hyperreality is displayed clearly throughout the whole movie robots who look exactly like humans but aren’t humans, exact realistic replicas of worlds from the past brought into the present that people can feel they are a part of and escape reality itself. The worlds are also confusing to people because it’s hard for them to notice the difference between what is real and what is not; the main character Peter is experiencing west world for the first time and indulges in a gun fight with a character who he isn’t sure is actually a robot because they are so realistic, he also has sexual encounters with a female robot! The amusement park creators basically act like god creating our perception of people and how we expect them to behave.


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