Umberto Eco’s Travels in Hyperreality

I first began reading Umberto Eco’s essay thinking It was surreal, dream like and more fictional because it didn’t make any sense to me what so ever but when I researched more into hyperreality and Umberto Eco, I understood that in the essay he is basically exaggerating reality hence the name hyperreality, the essay doesn’t mean an daytrip into a fantasy but into life itself. The definition of reality basically means being real or having actual presence but I believe he uses temptations and futuristic prosperities like holograms, robots and wax figures giving the illusion of a more artificial life and making it seem more like a simulation. I believe reality and representations of reality are fused together within the essay and I think that’s where semiotics comes into the mix what is real and what is representations of real. When it came to discoursing the essay with my peers I was nervous my thoughts might be wrong and I believed we all had different representations of hyperreality, but the whole point of discoursing was to hear everyone’s views and opinions on the subject and it was really interesting to listen and also get a complete understanding of what hyperreality is.


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