Roses Awards

Me and faye collaborated in this project and we chose the brief: State of Mind. For the brief we are making waiting or queuing more of a positive than a negative and procrastinate peoples opinions of having spare time waiting. For example we are making the brief more personal to us by targeting our audience at people traveling or waiting for the train or on long train journeys as we use the train almost everyday traveling to uni. Sometimes it gets boring and people pass the time doing things like day dreaming, making awkward eye-contact with strangers, staring at their phones and blocking the world out. We decided to create an interactive zine a ‘TravelZine’ that helps people be more creative and productive with their time rather than wasting it reading Joe Blogs next Facebook status. We made the booklet very sarcastic, humorous and full of colour to enhance positivity when reading it as that was the main point in the brief. Here is our final booklet, we might make some final changes.




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