Art Directory/Luggage Project

This is a new project brief we have just been given today and for this brief we have to make luggage personally represent a famous person or artist. We have been given a list of names that I have been researching more into but the name that called out at me first was Lazlo Moholy-Nagy because when we visited the Bauhaus archive in Berlin I was able to see a light installation he designed and I loved it. I’ve been thinking I could photograph a regular piece of luggage with holes in or reflective objects placed on the suitcase and then shine a projector or bright photography light to create my own version of his work with a piece of luggage. The brief says ‘communicate an identity without going over the top’ so I think keeping the suitcase plain and simple at first then it opens and reveals a load of shadows and then colour representing my artist would reflect off an object. The brief also says ‘create a copy in digital format’ for an iPad, TV etc. So I was thinking maybe create a few GIF image of the lights and shadows moving so it isn’t just a plain boring image to show in the presentation on an iPad because the reason I enjoyed looking at Lazlo’s work in the first place was the fact it moved. So the next few weeks I will beĀ researching my artist look for a cheap suitcase I can carve into and play about with light, shadows and reflective surfaces to get a better understanding of how I could create the final photo shoot rather than winging it. Here’s some interesting images I found on and a video showing Lazlo’s work.


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