Bringing My Editorial Work to Life

I decided to take my editorial work to the next level and make it interactive. The reason I wanted to make my designs interactive was to differentiate my designs from the artist rather than imitating them completely and also bring them into the now. I tried to do this as well as adding my own stamp on the designs with the use of my own colour palette and photography. The process for the spinning type (that was based of one of the Experimental Jetsets’s designs) was a challenge as each circle of text was separate layers and they kept spinning on different centre points and they were not dead centre. I figured out the problem in the end of one session, changed the rotation speed and was really pleased with the end result. When it came to creating the buttons and page turners it was pretty simple for me as I already had an understanding of the animation tools from a previous project, I added buttons to the research booklet mostly so the viewer got a preview of each artists work before they looked at the page. Here are two screen recordings that show the interactive designs.


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