Inspiration for D&Ad

For D&AD’s red blood awards I found it hard to choose a brief because none of them screamed out at me. I read through the briefs in more detail and finally chose the monotype brief which I think will be really fun and educational for me because I am going to explore Adobe After Effects for the first time to create a one minute moving image that only involves type no images.

Here is the brief..

Use the power of type to create a new visual language for film advertising.

The Creative Challenge

Create a new visual language for film advertising. One that relies on and relishes words, instead of falling back on the usual photographic imagery.

Take a director of your choice and use the power of type to promote a retrospective screening of their films.

Film tells us stories, transports us and stirs our emotions. And so can type. Show that without images, type alone can create an equally, if not more compelling visual expression of your chosen director’s films. One that’s difficult to ignore and will inspire people to go and see them. Create something that makes film fans, old and new, not want to miss this event.

Want to see the rest of this brief? Scroll down and download the brief pack below for the full brief and all the information you need.

Relevant Disciplines:

Graphic Communications
Crafts for Design
Poster Advertising
Digital Design
Writing for Design


These are some videos I found online that I will be taking a lot of inspiration from:


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