Yesterday I was asked to mentor Adam for the duration of his Live brief; He has to create a flier for Linear theatre’s museum of theatre event. Already he has explained the brief to me and showed me examples of what the client wanted, he explained how they wanted a certain grid layout but he has actually been working on the project within photoshop without any guides. I think he is more comfortable working in this program but I advised him to create his flier template within adobe indesign so he can create a guide and also begin to get a better understanding of indesign. The client also wants an illustration of their group but with photographs of their real faces; they did a photo shoot and gave the images to Adam but every picture is a group picture there is no profile shots of each person so I have asked Adam to request the group via email to come into the studio and get some quick profile shots. I then helped Adam create a template on indesign where we added text and contents boxes so he knows exactly where he will place his text and images, I have left him with a few notes on what he should focus on next which is the illustrations mainly and the colour pallet for the leaflet.
linear theatre template





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