Thinking Types Magazine: Final Double Page & Cover

This is my final piece of work for my ‘Thinking Types’ brief I took a lot of influence from my chosen designer when it came to the type and art work within the spreads but the whole layout of the document was basically my style. I used grids within indesign to keep the layout flowing throughout the double page spreads and also used a monochromatic colour scheme to keep the pages looking clean cut. For the front cover taking inspiration from one of my chosen designers pieces of work, I used Adobe photoshop to create as I had to play around with the photograph of Jennie and also the type which I added digitally; I hate photoshop but the whole process would of been a whole lot difficult if I had used indesign or illustrator. The first double page spread was created completely on Indesign with the help of grids, columns, gutters, margins and crop marks because the whole page is basically just text and theres no better program to use for this kind of project. On my final double page spread I created the circular image in illustrator and dragged it over to Indesign where I then positioned it where I wanted, then I added the small paragraph of text using the same amount of columns as the page before to keep the layout continuous. Overall I think my design looks successful; after the crit session today I might change a few tiny details but I’m personally happy with how my pages look.


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