Creative Thinking Session

In this session we had a series of tasks creative activities to complete, the first for me was to figure out who Joy Paul Guilford was. I figured out J.P.G was a psychologist who did a study on the distinction between divergent and convergent thinking, he contributed to experimental Psychology including learning and memory, experimental aesthetics, attention and visual perception. 


My next task ‘comb it’ was to create an image or an illustration using paint, a comb, a camera and a pen. My first instinct during this task was to just make a mess using the comb and pen as paint brushes then photograph it using the camera, but I then realised the whole point of the activity was to think creative and out the box so I decided to photograph the objects and then input the objects into my painting. I placed a comb over my illustration of a girl so it looked like the hair was being brushed.


The next activity I had to do an alternative uses test using divergent thinking, in which I had a brick, a bull dog clip, a paper clip and some pointy sticks. I had to come up with a range of different alternative uses for these four objects, it was actually harder than it sounds but once you got used to thinking laterally and coming up with random things it became a lot easier. Here is what I came up with..

In this task I was given three different shapes; I had to draw on the sheet and turn the shapes into something random. I had a zig zag which I soon turned into Harry potter, a square which I turned into a jack in the box and a wavy line that I turned into a camel.




Next came the riddles, the first was: ‘|r|e|a|d|i|n|g|’ which, after a while of missing the obvious answer, I figured out to be the saying ‘reading between the lines.’ The next riddle was: ‘the man who makes it doesn’t want it. The man who wants it doesn’t use it. The man who’s using it doesn’t know he is using it.’ I’ll be honest I already knew this riddle and the answer was ‘a coffin.’


I then had to do a remote associates test or a (RAT) in this task I had eight pieces of paper with three words on each sheet. I had to use convergent thinking to discover what one word linked with each three words for example: board, magic and death link with the word black. I found this task difficult at first but it got easier as my activity time was running out!



Finally I had to listen to a pod cast on the remote associates test and creativity I took notes and listened to a third podcast in my own time called enabling a culture of creativity, they turned out to be very interesting to listen to and highly insightful!






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