In this movement we were all given a futurist artist we to research and explain to the group who exactly that artist was and how they created their work. I was given the artist Luigi Russolo who was a futurist painter and composer and he also the author of the manifesto ‘The art of noise’ written in 1913. To be honest I appreciate his work, I’m not his biggest fan but the idea behind it was really interesting; he grew up in a musical family and his work was influenced by noise not sound. His work is really and colourful and almost 3D looking, one or two of his pieces actually reminds me of the impressionist movement especially his piece called ‘Profumo’ painted in 1910. My favourite pieces of work that show influence by noise would be ‘automobile in corsa’ painted in 1912; this painting is very red and sharp looking showing the noise of a car when it is zooming past. Another piece would be ‘music’ painted in 1911; this design is also very bright in colour but not as harsh as the automobile in corsa, it flows making you think of sound waves being created by the piano at the bottom of the painting. Lastly I am going to mention some of his crazy music, he composed a lot of futurist music during this period and its better you just listen to it than hear my feeble attempt to explain how it sounds.

This sound piece is called: Macchina Tipografica.


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