Di stijl

In this lecture we learned about the Di Stijl style; we had to research artists ourself such as Theo van Doesburg, Piet Mondrian and Vilmos Huszar when we were given a task to create our own Di Stijl piece digitally rather than painting it. The style is very clean cut and flat, it involves geometric shapes lines and using only the basic primary colours. We had to roll a dice 3 times to determine how many horizontal and vertical lines and also how many colours to use to create it. I believe I rolled (1,5,1) which I wasn’t happy about because that meant I only had one vertical line, five horizontal lines, and one colour to create my design with! After having a go it looked rather ugly so I made a few extra in the style I actually liked and exploring how I could make it my own by adding texture and putting it on an angle. I’m actually posting this entry late which is naughty, but after the session I had time to notice how much distijl actually influences design in the modern day!


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