Six thinking heads

As you saw in my first six thinking heads post I explained what the project was and what we had to achieve. I looked at various different styles of different artists and firstly thought I would do simple digital illustrations but I was bored of working on the computer! I wanted to get messy and play about with different mixed medias, that’s when I came across some images of face paints and I decided to take the idea on board. I thought it would be unique and different and honestly more fun for myself.
It was one thing just doing a few face paints but I needed to have some thought behind them and relate them to each of the six blooms taxonomy words: knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis and evaluation. Some words I found particularly easy to illustrate but others were a struggle; I think that’s because I didn’t really understand the full meaning of some so I began more research on blooms taxonomy and each individual word.
Eventually I had a good understanding off the words and created some designs that I would transfer onto someone’s face. These are my final designs but I still would like to make the text more prominent, overall I’m happy with how they look.








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