In this lecture we began by talking about those dreaded nazi’s because the second world war ended in the middle of this period! Adam had a few banned cartoons to show us in this session, the first was a proper gander cartoon called ‘education for death’ that shows a young boy growing up to be a nazi soldier and basically being taught to be what the government wanted them to be. The next was anti nazi cartoon called ‘scrap happy daffy’ in the cartoon there was a few funny moments like hitler being compared to a horses ass and being a stereotypical german. We also discussed comics; the first captain america was released in 1941 and there was a very famous copy including the hero punching the nazi leader Adolf Hitler in the face! We also learned that wonder woman was created in this period too, being the first female super hero ever!

Captainamerica1  20140115-222108


Near the end of the session we began talking about degenerate artists! Hitler basically banned most modern art because it was un-german, so a lot of art work was destroyed and many artists were sanctioned and forbidden to exhibit or sell their art and in some cases even create it! There was also a degenerate art exhibition hosted by the nazi’s in Munich that basically shamed the work, they would have text labels ridiculing the artwork to turn the public against modernism. A few degenerate artists are: Van Gogh, Otto Dix, Wassily Kandinsky, Max Ernst, Kurt Schwitters, Paul Klee, Mark Chagall and Pablo Picasso.

Kurt Schwitters

I have chosen to discuss Kurt Schwitters further because I’m personally a fan of his work, he was a multitalented man and has worked in a lot of different medias and a verity of different styles including dada, surrealism and constructivism. My favourite thing about this artist is that he didn’t put himself in one box when it came to design and I think I relate to him in that way because I personally love creating work with different mixed medias but I also love designing work digitally and creating pure graphics work. When he was a child he experienced epileptic seizures and he said that these experiences led him to art, he studied art at the Kunstakademie in Dresden along with Otto Dix another degenerate artist! His art work was basically landscapes and simple portraits but as the first world war progressed further his work became a lot more darker gradually leading him into his own style.

These are some of my favourite pieces of his:




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