In this session we looked at surrealism and art deco. We were given a series of tasks to complete around the room:

1. In task one we were given a timeline from 1920-1929 and for each year we had to find out key events that took place, for example the wall street crash and the first manifesto of surrealism was published.

2. In task two we were asked ‘Art Deco, what is it?’ We had to research quickly using a handful of books and our phones and I found a pretty good definition for Art deco from a book called ‘Art Deco – The golden age of graphic art and illustration.’

3. Task three we were asked ‘Surrealism what is it?’ and also ‘What is the connection with Sigmund freud?’ who we learned a lot about in the previous weeks session.


4. Task four was also about surrealism there was an image of an egg in the centre of a page and we were asked: What is it? What could it mean? Who painted loads of eggs? Why? And lastly why would someone keep putting them in paintings?


5. This task again was based on surrealism, like the egg we had an image of a shepherd’s crook and was asked: What is it? What does it support? What could it represent? And lastly how is this relevant to your practice?


6. The next task again was a image relating to surrealism, this image was not a pipe it was a drawing of a pipe!


7. In this task we had to list six surrealism practitioners, we had a book on surrealism called ‘Essential – Tim Martin Surrealists’ that helped us out during this task.



8. List five Art Deco practitioners, we had help from a book in this task too but I can’t make out the handwriting!



9. In this task we looked at practice and product within Art Deco; what media was used? What was advertised? And how is it relevant to your practice?



10. Task number ten we had to play a surrealism wordplay game! In the game we had to go in pairs and name as many juxtapositions as possible within two minutes, the pair with the most wins!





When we finished all our tasks we watched a surreal movie created by Salvador Dali called ‘Un Chien Andalou’ or in english ‘An Andalusian Dog.’ The short movie was crazy and confusing but thats surrealism for you it makes you think about what each image actually means!





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