Saul Bass

Saul bass was the artist I was given to do a presentation on. I honestly didn’t have a clue who he was at first -which is shocking- but once I started researching I noticed a few things I had seen before. He is an amazing graphic designer who is most famous for his movie title sequences such as: Anatomy of a murder, Phyco, The man with the golden arm and many others you can check out at this website I found

Saul actually began his career creating movie posters when a film director Otto Preminger hired him to created credits for ‘the man with the golden arm’ as until then credits where deemed as boring and the curtains would close just as the credits started. Otto wanted the audience to see the movie titles as an integral part of a the movie being shown and Saul was able to do that for ‘the man with the golden arm’ without featuring Frank Sinatra who was a big name actor in the movie. I think allot of his work has influenced work in the present and I pointed out a few things I thought was similar to his work in my presentation.

I think my presentation could of gone better and I could of spoke allot more about Saul but I let my nerves get the better of me. I actually really enjoyed doing this project and familiarising myself with the bunch of designers we were given, now I can see some work and automatically link it to a designer who is similar. I also favoured and loved Saul’s work and I’m really glad I chose him to research as it has really gave me allot of inspiration for other course projects.

Here is my presentation screen shotted and a poster I designed in a Saul Bass style using the quote he said.


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