We began this lecture learning about subjective truth (something you believe is true) and objective truth (something that is actually true.) We were asked to write down a subjective truth, something we believed in that other people might not like god for example or aliens; I told the group I believed in an after life! We then played a group game where we had to open a series of envelopes containing small bits of information on this period. There was information on a man name Sigmund Freud who was a psychoanalyst; he looked at the interpretation of dreams and how childhood experiences could effect your whole personality! I think the interpretation of dreams was influential towards the dada period especially Salvador Dali. We also learned how Freud believed the mind was made up of three different things: Ego (waking the brain, this is the part of the mind in charge of doing things.) ID (this part of the mind is the subconscious, the dirty and violent part.) Lastly the Super Ego (contains both Ego and ID) his theory was very interesting to learn about, he believed our mind is what makes us who we are and he called this Psyche a name also given to the Greek goddess of the soul. My last fact on Sigmund Freud is we learned about a thing called scientology, known as some sort of religion, was a cult of people who did not believe in psychoanalysis. There was also a special envelope directed to me durning the game, which was exciting! The letter was from my teddy (Theodore Roosevelt) the youngest president of the United States at age 42! He was president from 1901-1909 and during his reign he won a Nobel peace prize. This was now actually the 20th century and good old queen Vic died in 1901 ending the Victorian era and bringing in the new king Edward VII and the Edwardian era. This era was known as the age of elegance; Britain style began to change and everyone was beginning to enjoy themselves. Art nouveau was extremely popular in this period with the higher class people and also what was very popular was gilding! It was a range of decorative techniques people would use to apply gold or gold powder to different surfaces. At the end of the session we also took a quick look at Adams Pinterest board that contained lots of Pablo Picasso’s work and also some quotes from Sigmund Freud.



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