In this lecture our main focus was on art nouveau! This movement also called ‘new art’ was one of the first movements that had mass appeal to the public world wide and was known as a ‘total art style’ because it embraced architecture, graphic art, decorative arts and interior design. The art style was very flat, flamboyant, in some cases colourful and it also had a famous whiplash line making the design very visual appealing on the eye. This is actually one of my favourite movements and I have a few favourite artists! My most favourite is Aubrey Beardsley; I love how some of his work is very clean cut and includes a lot of empty space. In this movement females inspired a lot of designs especially in a lot of my favourite Aubrey Beardsley work; sex really sold in this period that’s why a lot of his work is a bit rudey! The art nouveau style was also very influenced by classism and also the pre Raphaelite brotherhood, but as well as looking back for inspiration this movement also looked forward into the future that’s why is was so successful.



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