Post impressionism
In this lecture we discussed post impressionism; I really love this movement and the variety of different styles created by various artists. My personal favourites would have to be Vincent Van Gogh and Paul Cezanne not just for their amazing work but for their interesting personalities.
Van Gogh was a really interesting character to learn about, his work mostly consists of vibrant colours that complimented each other for example the bright blue’s and yellows in some of his most famous paintings; they form a beautiful contrast when juxtaposed. It’s said that this man sold only one painting whilst living and it was not even for money it was for a drink! He lived a hard life and in his last few years his mental health began to deteriorate and this is shown in some of his latest paintings.
Cezanne was also a great character, he is said to be ‘the master of tone, composition and colour’ and he highly influenced future artists such as Pablo Picasso! He was also featured in the impressionist TV series I watched and it was clear to me that this man was highly misunderstood and disliked by the public during most of his life.
The work created in this period obviously relates to impressionism but some artists pushed the boundaries of impressionism further into new different directions influencing new art movements completely.

20140324-145556.jpg  20140324-145604.jpg                  20140324-145611.jpg  20140324-145617.jpg20140324-145624.jpg  20140324-145634.jpg20140324-145642.jpg   20140324-145651.jpg20140324-145657.jpg


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