For this lecture our tutor Adam mixed things up a little and had us do the researching instead of him. We had to find out things about the impressionists in teams then tell him what we found out; I found this really easy and fun as I had watched a TV special about them a few months back and I really enjoyed it and learned allot about the movement. The impressionist were basically a group of French artists who together changed the art world completely. Many of the artists usually painted their work with visible brush stokes in bright and unnatural colours hastily to capture the vastly changing light within the scene they were painting. The impressionists took advantage in new technology in art materials as paint in tubes was invented in this era; this made life a lot easier for them to paint outside and capture the subject quick and easy without having to waste time mixing their own paints. Some of my favourite impressionists would be: Pierre Auguste Renoir, Edgar Degas, Alfred Sisley, and of course Claude Monet who’s painting ‘impression, sunset’ gave name to this entire movement. I personally love this movement and the art created within it but I also love how it influenced art to change dramatically for the better.







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