Faces in places

For our faces in places project we had to photograph a range of different objects that resemble a face. I found a website that was full of great ideas called wtface.com, I literally scrolled through the site laughing at almost every picture and it gave me a lot of inspiration for what objects I could capture and how I would actually photograph them. When I began to photograph things I soon became an obbsessive freak who would look for faces in random objects wherever I went, especially on the train to uni where I couldn’t capture the things I seen as I was traveling to fast. I really enjoyed the project but after I had taken all of my images I found it hard to fit them into the three categories (domestic, industrial and natural.) I then went and researched the three words properly finding out the definitions and some examples which made it a lot easier to decide which images suited which category. I soon found that I had photographed lots of industrial shots from my trip to Paris & Whitby and not many natural & domestic images, so maybe if I were to do this project again I would of focused more on those two sections as I found them the hardest to photograph.


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