The Collaborative Project

In Whitby we were set a task to basically set a brief for the second year Graphics class. We came up with the idea of advertising Whitby; finding out and photographing what makes Whitby, Whitby and what the public love about the place. As it was halloween I thought of the idea that the students could base the photographs around that theme by, along with taking photographs of the iconic things in Whitby, photographing creepy things like the grave yard basically next door to the place we were staying, using different camera techniques. We also set a student a task to interview some of the locals in the town to find out what they liked about Whitby and why the tourists visited the gothic town for the halloween holiday.

Student Jobs


Paul, Tom, Lewis and Jay.



The students did a really good job overall and we have a large selection of photographs that represent Whitby really well, although there was one student didn’t really photograph anything or participate in the tasks he was given.

Now it is down to us to create a presentation containing photographs edited by the students, posters designed by Adam & Adam and also a news cast video about Whitby, created from the interview videos of Kyle by me and Jennie!

I shall post the final Prezi when it is finished but for now heres some photographs of us looking professional..


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