Getting to know you

For my getting to know you project we have to research and create a profile or creative piece on another student in our class. At first we did a speed dating activity; we went around the class asking quick fire questions to each member to get as much information on each person as possible and it turned out to be really funny. After this we each had sheets full of information on ourselves, this made it easier for when we were paired up with our partners because we had a lot to work from.

I was paired up with Alex for the project and I decided to create a magazine cover and double page spread. I wanted to be creative and different in some way and put my own mark on the project so I decided to make it a small moving image showing the cover being torn revealing Alex, the pages being turned and also pictures moving on the page.

I also did a photo shoot of Alex (which I will post in a moment) to get images of her walking because I had an idea to make her maybe walk across the page or catwalk. I found a great advertisement created for marisota that shows a woman walking through a book that gave me a lot of inspiration for this, Link:

Overall I really enjoyed doing this project, I received good feedback from the class, also from Alex and I think I did an ok presentation but I also forgot to mention certain things.

I will post the final video when it has finished rendering.


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