Final Major Project Year Two: Ironic twist theme

For my final major project I created my own book based on a murder mystery. The book is an interactive storybook as the reader is seeing the story through the main characters eyes; interacting with 3D elements within the book to figure out who the criminal is. There is dramatic irony within the book as there are obvious signs of who the criminal actually is to the reader, but will be the last person they will think of accusing. The twist in the story is that the least innocent person (the detective) is actually guilty because of the fact they have a split personality and is unaware of the fact he is committing these crimes. I have incorporated the use of both illustration and photography into my book having all the characters illustrated and most of the scenes and props photographed but distorted and effected in my own style. I published the book myself using a constantina style bind, the way it is bound lets the reader see the whole page and the illustrations are not hidden within the bind. I also created a digital version of the book in indesign which you can see how works in the video link. I very much enjoyed this project and I think the outcome of the book was very professional.


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