Luggage Gifs

I decide to create gifs with my final photographs I shot today. I had a play on photoshop changing the saturation, contrast and size of the images chosen to make the photographs more crisp and… Continue reading

Luggage Photo-shoot

Todays photo-shoot for our luggage went really well me and faye got in the zone and went in knowing exactly what we wanted to do,I think we achieved what we wanted. We used… Continue reading

West world

The movie west world written by Michael Crichton (who is also the writer of Jurassic park) is an interesting tale about an amusement park set in the near future where vacationers could live… Continue reading

Playing with light and shadows

This morning me and Faye had a play with the flash on my phone to get a better understanding of light position and shadows that are cast because our whole photo-shoot tomorrow will… Continue reading

First try with sound

Okay it’s just a rough first try I need to edit the sound more so it isn’t as hard hitting as it is now and so it fits more and flows with the… Continue reading

Beyonce Video

Inspiration for D&Ad

Roses Awards

Me and faye collaborated in this project and we chose the brief: State of Mind. For the brief we are making waiting or queuing more of a positive than a negative and procrastinate… Continue reading

Summarising an Article

Dream weaver article creative review: this article is basically about creative director at Bestival creative and all-round festival visionary Jodie da bank. She tells creative review what it takes to create the best… Continue reading

Umberto Eco’s Travels in Hyperreality

I first began reading Umberto Eco’s essay thinking It was surreal, dream like and more fictional because it didn’t make any sense to me what so ever but when I researched more into… Continue reading

Art Directory/Luggage Project

This is a new project brief we have just been given today and for this brief we have to make luggage personally represent a famous person or artist. We have been given a… Continue reading