So today I gathered my props (not all) to see what suitable height and angle the projector could be positioned to display the picture clear. Tomorrow I am talking them all into uni… Continue reading

Ten Words: Final Booklet

Final booklet designs’ printed for our presentation.


Yesterday me and Faye printed and photographed our zine, here’s some of the pictures.

Exhibition Time Again

Exhibition is only around the corner so I have been spray painting some props I’m going to project on.

Ten Words

For the ten words brief I decided to change up my idea as i didn’t think I was being lateral enough although I thought my outcome would look nice. I decided to brainstorm… Continue reading

Editorial Layout

I looked at Creative Review and Frame magazine last week and picked out layouts that I thought looked effective and inspiring. Frame is one of my favourite magazines as I love the layout… Continue reading

Stefan Sagmeister: things I have learned in my life so far

Ah so happy to finally have this book although I’m scared to take the booklets out I wanna wrap the whole thing in bubble wrap and bury it so it doesn’t get ruined.

Ten Words Brief

Today we were given our Ten Words brief, in which we have to create a design that will feature in a booklet and possible exhibition. We have to choose from a list of… Continue reading


Photography 101: The Fundamentals of Light

Originally posted on The Daily Post:
We’ve talked about the philosophy of photography and offered a two-part overview of the craft, and now we’re ready to dig deeper. As Ming Thein discussed in…