Creative Thinking Live Brief

So media asked the class to design a retro invite for their end of year show and I took on the job. Here is my first design, I have had some positive feedback… Continue reading

Creative Thinking Session

In this session we had a series of tasks creative activities to complete, the first for me was to figure out who Joy Paul Guilford was. I figured out J.P.G was a psychologist… Continue reading

Yay or Nay?

Added colour to my doodle in photoshop not sure if I actually like it..  


In this movement we were all given a futurist artist we to research and explain to the group who exactly that artist was and how they created their work. I was given the… Continue reading

Di stijl

In this lecture we learned about the Di Stijl style; we had to research artists ourself such as Theo van Doesburg, Piet Mondrian and Vilmos Huszar when we were given a task to create our own Di… Continue reading

New Books!

Some new beautiful books for inspiration at the studio!


Just a drawing in progress!


In this session we discussed abstract expressionism. We were asked one by one to sit in a room alone, look at two different paintings by two very different artists and write what we… Continue reading

House Rules

  This project is all about typography; everyone in the class has been given a ‘house rule’ to design for our studio walls. Jennie (our creative director for this task) gave us a… Continue reading

Six thinking heads

As you saw in my first six thinking heads post I explained what the project was and what we had to achieve. I looked at various different styles of different artists and firstly… Continue reading